The Awkward Label of Bravery

Ultimately, I think of myself, and other survivors, as more than what the word 'brave' brings with it. We are strong, even if we may not always feel it, and we are more than those often empty words of bravery strangers may throw at us.

The Language of Survival

Don't get me wrong - I am deeply proud of myself for my tenacity against shitty things, but I have specifically started noticing something about the cryptic language I use whenever speaking on my survival. My language, both personal and public, often falls short of the confidence I promote in accepting my survival.

To My Parents

TW: sexual abuse, incest, physical violence. A harrowing poem depicting what life was like in my childhood home, where two family members sexually abused me, and my parents didn’t know, or if they did, they didn’t intervene.