Living Bridges Project

Here we are sharing the Living Bridges Project, which shared anonymous stories from survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Led by Mia Mingus, the audio pieces cover how survivors dealt with what happened, overcoming the secrecy, what we lost from our lives, and community responses.


Griefcast features Cariad Lloyd interviewing a different guest from the comedy industry each week about their experiences surrounding grief and death (but, as she reminds us, it’s with comedians so it’s not too depressing!). The discussions and safeness found in Griefcast help to remind us that it is okay, and often quite necessary, to talk about the hard things in life.

Musical Hugs: 6

He found the perfect balance between allowing us to feel melancholic and hopeful at the same time. His songs remind me that I am not alone when things get hard - that others have been there and others have lived through it.

Good Night Stories

Don’t get me wrong, I adore ‘Stuff Mom Never Told You’ and 'Griefcast’ to no end, but I craved something I could mindlessly drift off to before I went to sleep. I eventually found two new favourite podcasts that fulfilled this need perfectly.

Musical Hugs: 5

The songs are beautiful and fun, and are the perfect anecdote for when you’re feeling a bit grey on these greying days, or when you need some motivation to get through your day.

The What’s Underneath Podcast

Although I will always have a special place for the videos, I might have to admit I prefer the podcasts, as they go so in depth with the guests. A whole hour means they can explore questions intricately and you can hear the ongoing process of radical self-acceptance in both the guests and the beloved interviewers

Musical Hugs: 1

She has a way of conveying what it's like to suffer whilst still have room for light and love in your life. When I listen to this album, I feel like an old friend is helping me and holding me through the hard times.

Feel Good

A strange and sometimes cheesy collaboration of songs that I listen to on the way to work, to help put on a front when things are bad, or to give me confidence when I am nervous. 

Fighting Adversity

This playlist has a mixture of strong lyrics relating to abuse and difficult times at the start of the playlist, with the second half having motivational songs that represent women refusing to be oppressed by the adversity they have faced.

The Sound of The Resting Bitch Face

 I created this playlist last year, comprised of angry adrenaline-filled songs by strong women/queer fronted musicians, to remind myself of the strength I hold within myself that can be validated by the deafening power within these songs.